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What Games Do You Want to See?

A Bunch of Blanks
Players make jokes about the subject walking into a bar "A bunch of cats walk into a bar, the bartender says..."
During the scene, the MC may shout out a different accent for them to use.
Acronym Panel
Players explain what common acronyms mean from the perspectives of their characters.
Action Figures
Two audience volunteers will move the two players as they perform a scene like child action figures.
Advice Panel
Players give advice for questions from the audience from the prespective of their characters.
Alien Anthropologist
Two players perform a short scene dealing with common occurences while the other two players are off-stage. The players then repeat the scene in gibberish while the second set interpret the meaning behind the scene as aliens might interpret human behaviors
Back in My Day
Players step out as old folks, complaining about how the subject was different back in their day.
Back to America's Got Future Talent
Two or three players are judges for talent show. Performing players begin at the end of their performance where the judges give feedback describing what they just witnessed. The player then goes back in time and sings the song that the judges described.
Bells and Buzzers
Audience members assign rules to the bell and buzzer. As they pass through the audience, anyone can choose to sound the bell or buzzer, and the players must implement that rule.
Bend, Sit or Stand
At all times, one player must be bending over, one must be sitting, and one must be standing. As one player moves from one position to the others, the other players must adjust as well.
Benefit Concert / Tribute Concert
Big, Bigger, Biggest
Players perform the same scene, three times. Each time, the scene must be bigger, and more exaggerated, than the time before.
Boo! - Yay!
Each side takes a turn telling a story, one good and one bad. When the good side tells a line, everyone yells "Yay!". When the bad side tells a line, everyone yells "Boo!". If the line is not sufficiently good or bad, or doesn't fit the story, the player is kicked out.
Britty, Britty, Britty
Players perform a scene, with a mild accent. Whenever the emcee says "Britty, britty, britty," they must thicken their accent.
Celebrity Answering Machine
Players step out and leave a message for the celebrity or as the celebrity
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